Girls’ Classic Princess Style Velvet Memory Foam House New Balance Shoes Outfit



Rubber sole

SIZES: Toddlers Sizes – Small (8 Toddler), Medium (9 Toddler), Large (10 Toddler)

ELEGANT VELVET UPPER: Premium Velvet Upper slippers with bow accents makes a pair of cozy, chic and elegant slippers and also a perfect gift for your little angles.

FLEECE INNER MATERIAL: Plush fleece inner material provides best protection as well as keeping feet warm.

MEMORY FOAM INSOLE: Solid high density memory foam insole relaxes your foot after a long day of hardworking. The construction of the memory foam gives them enough support while walking and endures a long time of using.

SOFT RUBBER SOLE: Quality soft sole is waterproof and anti-slip absorbs noise while walking on the floor. The material itself also provides protection for the floor from scratches.

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