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Coolkuskates The classic dance shoes feature a lightweight cotton upper for great breathability, and a leather outsole for amazingly easy turns.

Coolkuskates Adjusting band and elastic bandage to tight the shoes, provide comfortable wearing experience without restraint .

Coolkuskates Split sole with various sizes for toddlers kids children teens girls women beginner ballerina. Suitable for yoga physique lesson, satin, gymnastics dance training, practice, modern dance, ballroom dance, ballet dance, jazz etc.

Coolkuskates Please?refer?to?the?left?size?table,?and?select?the?corresponding?size?according?to?your?feet?length.??Our?shoes?are?made?of?environmentally?friendly?materials,?please?feel?rest?assured?for?wearing.?Its?normal?for?new?leather?shoes?to?have?a?little?pungent?smell,?but?the?smell?will?disappear?naturally?after?one?or?two?days?ventilation.

Coolkuskates Maximum order quantity is 2 pair, if you need more, please place another order.

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