We have always grown up knowing that if we wanted to make a mark in this world, we have to go big. Really big. Without doing something large, we can’t really magnify our names or our positions. But as we grow up, we see that becoming big is also a big deal. This current economy, the education and the healthcare system, none of these will allow us to do something really big in a really small amount of time. We struggle to make our daily ends meet, so doing something out of track seems way too big of a risk. But what if the risk is worth our time? What if what we want is on the other side of it, and maybe it is much better than what we dreamt of? What if?

Sometimes, the biggest steps we can take, are the smallest ones. With every small step, we move forward towards our goal, no matter how small that step is.  To become something big, we can start by something small. So here are some small business ideas for the year 2019:

ONLINE REVIEW OF PRODUCTS/MOVIES: It is quite the trend now, having your personal you tube channel. With the help of that channel, you can get more and more subscribers, and YouTube really pays you well for it. If your content is original and innovative, YouTube seems like a tremendously good platform for you to showcase your talent and make some good money out of it. You can have a product review, or movie review channel, or any content for that matter, the only criteria is that it should be entertaining.

HOME DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS/ FOOD: We are known as the generation z. Maybe that name is derived from the last letter of the English alphabet to symbolize the profound tiredness of our entire generation. Today people work 12-15 hours a day, and hardly find any time for themselves. This is the reason online food delivery has taken off so much. If you want to start a business, you can deliver stuff from home to home, no matter what kind and earn a bit of a profit for yourself.

MAKE UP ARTIST/INFLUENCER/YOUTUBER: Make up is another business that has taken off quite a bit in the last few years. If you are on Facebook, then you must see at least one make up tutorial video popping up on your home screen every day. Everyone is trying their hands at makeup. And it is good business too. Famous celebrities like Jeffree Star has created his on-makeup line with the help of that. If you have a good hand in makeup, and have some excellent make up idea, you can start your own makeup business or start an online make-up channel.

MUSIC STUDIO/CHANNEL:  Music has been around since the birth of man. Music makes our souls feel alive. The current estimated value of the music industry is in billions. If you have a good hand in music, and you can create new content or write some heart-touching lyrics, you can easily become a music creator and earn a good amount of profit from it.


These were some of the most innovative ideas for small businesses in 2019.

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