Wee Squeak Toddler Squeaky Shoes Unicorn Size Best Women’S Running Shoes 2020



Rubber sole

SOFT, YET TOUGH: With soft and comfy uppers, your little one will want to wear them every day. Whats more, theyll stand up to those tumbles and turns along the way, offering great value for first walker shoes. With the squeaker located in the heel, these light weight shoes will encourage those toe walkers to walk on their heels tand hear the squeak.

EASY ON AND OFF: These shoes open up nice and wide C no more struggles to get those chunky little feet inside! Just hook and loop to get the perfect fit. Simple for baby walking shoes! These shoes will be your child’s favorite shoe in the closet. When its time for quiet time, the squeakers can be removed by an adult.

TRACK YOUR BABY WALKER: Avoid that panicked feeling when they suddenly get quiet. We all know theres usually trouble when theyre nowhere to be seen. Its impossible in Wee Squeak’s toddler shoes. No more walls covered in their latest secret coloring creation!

THE ‘SQUEAK OF SUCCESS’: As with all Wee Squeak’s, our shoes comes with the trademark squeak of success. Whether its encouraging those baby walker first steps or keeping track in a busy mall, the squeaker provides that added peace of mind and encouragement needed in your little ones development. You’ll love to see the smile on their face and giggles in the room.

THE SIZE IS RIGHT: If you are in between sizes using our size chart, we recommend ordering up a size. Encourages proper heel to toe walking and recommended for children with sensory issues. Wide toe box perfect for toddler feet!

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